CUCINE & CUCINE has operated on the Italian market for over 15 years, producing complete furnishings solutions.
Its signature trademark is constant study of elegance and function at the best price possible. Without, however, ever ignoring quality of materials and finishes.
A showroom of over 3000 square metres guarantees a vast selection to meet any requirement.
The competence, reliability and professionality acquired in many years of experience guarantee efficient service and customer care that mean confident purchasing.


LOYALTY towards our customers, with whom we aim to communicate and relate in the most transparent way possible, but also towards our employees, the driving force of our company


RESPONSIBILITY, because we are not afraid to take on all the risks deriving from being a big company and we are ready to meet the expectations of thousands of customers: we want to be the writers of our own success story.

Spirit of initiative

SPIRIT OF INITIATIVE, because we firmly believe in the value and contribution of each of our employees, in their ability to choose for the best, always guided by the aim of satisfying the customer.


We believe that everybody, from director to warehouse personnel, makes a positive, tangible contribution to our company. This is why we invest in our human resources, their selection and training, following all the stages of on-the-job training and organising continual refresher courses for them. We like to think that our team does not work for the company, but WITH THE COMPANY, proactively collaborating in it future growth and improvement.


We know all too well that you, the customers, are also our EMPLOYERS.  This is the reason we make sure to always put you in the centre of our company vision, our guide in our everyday work. We continually modify our products and services, tailoring them to YOUR NEEDS, and in order to discover them we have set up various contact channels with your that allow us to receive your suggestions, opinions and ideas. We are constantly striving to gain your trust.